Commercial audit

The information that the Council, and formerly the CEO of the company receive from sales and marketing activities are often biased, both because of the abundance of information or as an oversimplification resulting from the need to know without going into too deep details.

Klugelei becomes the Commercial and Marketing Auditor needed to evaluate that the strategies, budgets and tactics applied are those agreed at the company plans, to discuss its deviations and fulfill them with market information ignored by Cost and Accounting Audit.

Klugelei is specialized in this field and offers itself as a complementary, external, independent, impartial and objective help which may lead to the introduction of innovative, tactical and value creation processes detecting doubtful areas for business, strategic and marketing development.

Commercial audit

Process to gain Competitiveness

The audit performed by Klugelei is a powerful tool to analyze and assess activities and programs in the strategic, sales and marketing areas, and its relevance to the scenario, the mission and objectives of the company. It involves an internal review of the company, the market and its environment.

The analysis of key business and marketing variables allows managers and owners to know what if their function is related to the objectives of the company and deepen everything that represents any kind of anomaly or is likely to be improved.


Strategic Audit

Knowing where we are: to examine the external environment and analyze the internal situation in all areas of the company. The information obtained at this stage clearly places where the company is, what does it has to take advantage of opportunities that arise and how to overcome the weaknesses of its own structure.

Commercial Audit

Sales activities analysis, its variables and efficiency measurements:
> Interviews with key Sales Department personnel.
> Prices, tariffs, discounts structures and added value.
> Market, clients and distribution channels.

Marketing Audit

Marketing activities analysis, its variables and efficiency measurements:
> Interviews with key Marketing Department personnel.
> Market Research: tendencies, needs, competitors, production, technology improvements, segmentations.
> Communication Strategies and Creative Platform analysis.
> Product´s Conceptual Placement study.
> Media Plan breakdown and Strategy Alignment checking.
> Coordination of the Promotional Calendar and the Commercial Action Plan verification.