Mergers & acquisitions

Klugelei provides support services for Mergers and Acquisitions, making available for its customers our market knowledge, products and contacts to achieve a profitable and productive agreement.

Members of Klugelei have experience in these processes, from large companies as managers within organizations to small operations carried from start to end.

Klugelei collaboration can extend from finding candidates to a due diligence, negotiation, and integration projects.

We can engage in any part of the process wherever help is needed

In Klugelei we know how complicated can it be a merger or an acquisition. Any statement can cause alterations in the market, customer comments, rumors among workers, problems with suppliers ... Klugelei offers a complete confidential service, which allows searching the candidate discreetly and provides support in negotiations. We engage in any part of the process where we can be helpful, from the strategic approach, options study, due diligence, strategic planning, marketing and financial business to monitoring possible targets and the integration of acquisitions.

Members of Klugelei have experience in these processes, from large companies as managers within organizations to small operations managed from start to end, and we have a wide range of collaborators, technicians, specialized lawyers, chartered accountants, etc.. that we can introduce to our customers.

Due Dilligence

Our specialty in the process is the Strategic and Commercial Due Diligence, a key issue that determines the viability of the project.

Klugelei provides a feasibility and project risk review from an strategic, marketing and business perspective. This service is the perfect complement to a legal and accountancy due diligence.

What is it?

The Due Diligence is a comprehensive analysis of the business object in any merger, acquisition, share or sale of businesses. In this type of transaction, the buyer and seller side need to know precisely the state of the company´s affairs at a certain time.

Why a due-diligence with Klugelei?

> Because an effective program of due diligence allows greater certainty to take optimal decisions, eases negotiation, prepare a proper integration facilitating relationships and stimulates operations.
> Allows weighting pros and cons of the operation, minimizes risk and establish the milestones of the project arriving to an independent and objective assessment.
> It is the ideal complement to the financial and legal quantification and is an effective aid in the final valuation of the company.
> The Commercial Due Diligence is a practical support that involves owners, managers and employees of the organizations, as well as financiers, lawyers, tax consultants, chartered accountants and professionals related to the process.
> It helps to achieve an independent and objective assessment, smoothing things over between parties and facilitating the successful outcome of any negotiation.

Strategic due diligence

Allows a practical evaluation of assets, liabilities, intangible value, and trademarks. Identifies business risks and determines the existence of hidden, actual or potential liabilities.

At the same time evaluates other variables such as human capital, business expertise, company culture, training, leadership, etc: all essential information for both the potential buyer and seller in the whole process of analysis and valuation of a company.

Commercial due diligence

The set of research or testing the commercial strategic area of the company allows the analysis of the strength of the customer base, the volume of long-term sales and possible hidden liabilities (out of template trade conditions, etc.)

Our Strategic and Commercial reports are based on market data, interviews with relevant industry players and a strict analysis of present and future positioning of the business plan.